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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Film Critic Reviews for the Year in Movies

Ty Burr - Boston Globe
"Burr is back to scrutinize films like never before! Forget his questionable past, just sit down, and have fun... reading his reviews!"
Grade: A-

Roger Ebert - Chicago Sun-Times
"Ebert remains the Martin Scorsese of film critics; sticks to a formula in his older age, but has hearkened back to a former glory with this year. Usually traditional, but a neccesity."
Grade: B+

E! Online Movie Reviews - www.eonline.com
"Can't make up their mind about what criterion to criticize film! Untrustworthy to anyone but cocaine addled, botox injected soccer moms! They gave Black Christmas a favorable score. Skip this!"
Grade: D-

Owen Gleiberman - Entertainment Weekly
"Where did Entertainment Weekly find this guy? And why have they stuck with him so long? Smug and haughty; a Gleiberman review is an irritating experience. On top of that, he's not right very often. Gets a D and not an F because it would be cruel to grade anyone lower than E! Online."
Grade: D

Kyle Smith - New York Post
"Hit or miss. Seems to hate comedy in any form, which is odd because the New York Post could be the funniest newspaper in America. Call it like you see it."
Grade: C

A.O. Scott - New York Times
"Old and cranky and artsy fartsy. Another hit or miss year for A.O. Scott!"
Grade: C+

Lisa Schwarzbaum - Entertainment Weekly
"The more even-headed of EW's kosher tag-team. Gleiberman is a Casino Royale dude, where as Schwarzbaum is the lady of The Departed. Ya dig?"
Grade: B+

Peter Travers - Rolling Stone
"As usual, another on-point year for Mr. Travers. You'll find yourself usually admitting that you agree with him, film snobbery aside."
Grade: A


At 3:53 PM GMT-5, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks A.O. Scott is wildly uneven .. Lately I've gotten more enjoyment out of reading the reviews of one of his co-workers, Manohla Dargis

At 2:38 PM GMT-5, Blogger Bill said...

why thank you


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