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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blind, Black, & Wet

Blind, Black, & Wet
An Ode to the Alien Queen in the Anthology of "Alien" Films

I, space explorer, so bold and well dressed
seemingly stumbled upon your sacred nest.
Out from the egg, leaped the face-hugging pest
planting a critter to burst forth from my chest.

And O! how he scampered and eventually grew
to a beast swift and smart, with a taste for my crew.
With mucus of acid, it stings, it's true,
ev'ry wall he encountered, he'd eventually pass thru.

Oh, Queen Alien, how I dream your heart aches
when a human marine blows your children to flakes.
But delight, Mother Queen, when they tremble and shake
"Game over, man, game over!" was said by a marine named Drake.

With tooth like steak knife and talon like cleaver
your might and pride hath made me a believer.
When doused by flamethrower, you don't get a fever
and never die when launched into space by Sigourney Weaver.

O! Blind, black, and wet, thou art a sight for mine eyes.
Your acid soaked blood still gives us a suprise
melting our flesh and our bones, each one of us cries
"Remember in Alien 3 when the main character dies?"


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