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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Poem For Film Majors and People That Hate The Rain

I toiled through the night, film project of course
But Final Cut Pro was lacking remorse
as my audio tracks were only a faint hiss
my room-tone and ADR totally amiss
I'll finish by one, I did confidently chime
Matching film to sound would take "no time"

Around three thirty, I saw what I was stuck with
and glared at the Mac and muttered, "Man, fuck this"
And went to export
but the port did retort
that it had no sound with which to consort

And to this I replied, "No, it's all there, all nice."
but the computer said "Check your output device"
I tried again, hoping to see through the glitch
But the computer, as always, was being a bitch

I know it's not me, so the computer's a liar
Oh wait, it is me, let me check firewire
Yeah shit, export thru firewire, I'm a dumbass
Hopefully I'll get enough sleep now for my film class

Oh, a light rain
No cause to complain
I'll call my girlfriend for a space on her floor
'Cause my home's too far and class is next door

It's fucking pouring
I wish I was snoring
but lemme get soaked on this shitty Wednesday morning


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