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Thursday, October 19, 2006

On a More Serious Note...


Mark Foley -- molested, drunk, and confused -- sent kids e-mails asking them about their penises and so forth. This has been the news for the past 2 weeks? I know this is a funny thing to attack the Republicans with, especially since they did it to you during the good ol' days.

But... WHO FUCKING CARES?! Pedophiles exist, yes. Sometimes in office, apparently. But this is not news. This is like a silly tabloid. No wonder you clowns have such a hard time getting into office! There are more important issues that it seems like just about every lefty has given up on. Do you know how many soliders have died in Iraq this month? Seventy! Fucking seventy!! Maybe if Mark Foley molested seventy kids it could be different. But, Jesus, c'mon!


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