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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What the hell is a Rokushin?

Seijin Noborikawa.

Who is he?

This is who he is:

(He's the one with the sanshin.)

My housemate Paulie showed me some of Mr. Noborikawa's music the other day, and I was all like "what is this?"

And he was all like, "Yo, this is... um... some Japanese guy."

And I was like "THIS IS DA BOMB!"

And he was like "YEAAAH!"

Then we had a contest where we pulled down our pants and wiggled our hips so that our penises made windmill motions, while giving each other high fives and giggling.

This story may or may not be true.

Anyway. This guy, Seijin, is great! I have no idea anything about him, what the songs are called, what instruments he's playing, or what the hell he's saying. But it makes me so happy.

It's the happiest music ever. He could be singing about oppressing peasants and I wouldn't care. This music is joyous.

Here's what I do know about him:

1. He's 75 or 76.
2. He likes to let the girlies sing.
3. He sometimes says this: "Ho-wooo!" and "Hup!"

Thanks, Paul. If you read this, try and find Seijin's album "Spiritual Unity".


At 3:14 AM GMT-5, Blogger MichaelMatters said...

its gonna be hard to find it. oh wait, im in japan


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