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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Current State of Music

I'm feeling like sharing with you all. With the current state of popular musics, I find it harder and harder to be really affected by anything that I can buy in a store. Much more interesting music is being made by local and unsigned artists than most other folks. So I want to rep some unsigned/unknown bands that you may care about or not care about. Feel free to post any others in the comments section that need recognitions.

Hey Hey - www.myspace.com/heyheyphilly
A very zany musical concotion of jammy synthy weirdo instrumentals. It's kinda like funk stuff but then it's also like metal, but then again it could just be punk. I'm not too certain to tell you the truth. Great dudes, great tunes, great live.

We Are The Seahorses - www.myspace.com/wearetheseahorses
Possibly the scariest band in America. Intensely catchy and fun to listen to. They either write epic synth pop with mega hooks or evil dance shits with mega hooks. Kinda like G.G. Allen except not so mean. Kinda like The Unicorns, except naked.

The Neighborhood Choir - www.myspace.com/theneighborhoodchoir
My pals Bennet, Dan, Paul, and Parker play these songs, written mainly by Ben (I could be wrong, I don't know). Very mellow space-folk. The thing is, it's pretty much better than anything you can find raved about on hipster reviews sites. If something cool doesn't happen to this group then I'm not quite sure what to say.

Algernon Cadwallader - www.myspace.com/algernoncadwallader
Remember Braid? Remember Cap'n Jazz? Remember Owen or perhaps The Promise Ring? These guys bring that ish back, and in such a fucking good way. All those jingly jangly guitar plucks rolling over each other. I'm very psyched to see what these guys pull out next.

On Display - www.myspace.com/ondisplayband
Ska is dead. Duh. That's why someone had to exhume and ressurect its rotting corpse. Extremely catchy and fun and suuuuuper gay. Ignore all the ties that would lead me to hype this band, they are actually good... bitch.

Strike.Fire.Fall - www.myspace.com/strikefirefall
Okay, so these guys are actually signed to Takeover Records, but more recognition (from this massively popular blog) won't be so bad. I used to be in Boy Scouts with their singer Sean (who is an Eagle Scout, very nerdy) who was in my favorite local band of all time, Parkview. When he went to college he started this pop rock group and it sounds nice. And they're signed, so life is sweet.

The Love Triangle - www.myspace.com/handicapclickclacks

This is the band of my former housemate, Dylan and his two other buds. Again, I'm not hyping these guys because of the connection, they are actually really, really good (I can't help that I'm surrounded by very talented folks). Anyway, don't take my word for it, just see what Devendra Banhart has to say!

Ponytail - www.myspace.com/jreamteam
Weirdos. Coolies. Niiiiice. Crazy freak out jams. And I mean JAMMMMZ.

And so, learn about and support these artists. The End!


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